Mortgage Qualification

Get Ready to hear the words - You’re Approved!
Here’s how we’re going to make it happen!

Step 1

The Discovery Call

Let’s Talk About What Went Wrong

In this step we’ll have a casual conversation and:

  • Talk about your desired outcome
  • Revisit obstacles the other lender brought up
  • Review your financing challenges
  • Explore different approaches

Now that we know a bit about you, let’s focus on getting you back on track. Starting to breathe a bit easier?!

Step 2

Develop a financing plan

Think of it like Tetris, but with Numbers

In this step we’ll work our magic behind the scenes and:

  • Determine how to maximize your income & assets
  • Look for ways to reduce/consolidate debts
  • Offer suggestions to fine tune your credit score
  • Submit your restructured application to several lenders

Financing makeover complete! Now that we have a plan to get you back on track, on to the next step!

Step 3

Meet Your New Lender

Don’t worry; we’ll do all the legwork

In this step, our experience/matchmaking skills shine through! And we’ll be there to:

  • Get your new financing approved
  • Explain all the terms and options
  • Wrap up the lender’s conditions
  • Help with transferring the relationship

We may have found a lender that understands your financial situation, but our work is not done!

Step 4

On Going Mortgage Reviews

Ironically, the end is just the beginning

In this final and ongoing step, we’ll be there to guide you through:

  • Maximizing your self employed income for future approvals
  • Suggestions to ensure a top notch credit score
  • Annual reviews to confirm you’re on track
  • A sounding board for other financial matters

After this stage, clients often comment on how easy we made the entire process and how much better they sleep at night, knowing they now have a lifelong mortgage advisor.

Mortgage Financing Plan in Place…
Don’t you feel lighter and more confident?!

Why use a mortgage Broker?

Banker vs Nishka Riley Mortgage Team

Nishka Riley Mortgage Team

  • Product Options
    We have access to various lenders, providing a wide range of mortgage products.
  • Interest Rates
    We can often offer competitive interest rates by shopping around among multiple lenders.
  • Personalized Service
    We work independently and focus on your needs, offering personalized guidance.
  • Communication
    We maintain clear and open communication, ensuring you understand the entire process.
  • Flexibility and Advocacy
    We are your advocate. We work to find the best terms and conditions to meet your financing needs.
We’ve Been Declined


  • Product Options
    Limited to offering only the products available within their own bank
  • Interest Rates
    Bankers are confined to the rates set by their own institution, potentially limiting options.
  • Personalized Service
    Bankers are constrained by the policies and procedures of their specific bank.
  • Communication
    Bankers wear many hats and may not have the time to communicate the progress of your file.
  • Flexibility and Advocacy
    Bankers represent the interests of their employer, which may not always align with the borrower's best interests.

How The Nishka Riley Mortgage
Team Can Help You

If you've been declined for a mortgage, it can feel like quite a personal blow. Over the past 20 years, we've been helping people like yourself call North Vancouver, Squamish and Vancouver home. Since we are a part of the Dominion Lending Centres network, we can access lenders like Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, Manulife, Blueshore Credit Union, Community Trust and dozens more. Because of our lender relationships, we can find a mortgage solution that meets your needs. Most often, people are declined due to being self-employed or having credit challenges; regardless of the reason, you'll want to harness our experience to guide you out of this situation and toward a solution. We can help you navigate decisions like whether you should get a 2nd mortgage, how do you get your credit back on track, and whether you should consider private lending? We'll be there every step of the way and help you with each one. We’ve been here before and we know the way out. It’s why we are one of the highest ranked North Vancouver mortgage brokers by Google reviews.

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